by Enclaves

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released September 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Enclaves Perugia, Italy

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Track Name: Black Fires
Shame-Fame the same frame ...
Parts of me
I feel my neurons collapse
A stream of madness now-again
They try to kill all my gods
Something ... To grab my skin ... Believe
Make me screaming too loud

Whispers from an unknown tongue
They're creepy
They're cold
Hell's flesh below
"You won't sleep without a knot-neck around"
This told me ... Black Fires

Feel cold ...
Think gonna sleep ...
Where are you going?
What are you doing?

I feel my face descending
Liquids from my chest desperding
My teeth on me
I grab ... They Grab ... My skin
I bite my tongue
Track Name: Ulysses
Looking for answers
Until my birth
Will be pretty meaningful
I think I've done
My ironic irruption
Through mist and fog
To the only nation
Where warm and cold
Collide to create
What's right and wrong
The sea of possibilities
Has been turned
Into a melodramatic
Need of doom
My own fucking reaction
Could seem the dawn

Nothing between me
And the ambition
And the world's prediction
That mountain
Stands Against us
But I think that we shall not pass

I see it now
The ocean opens his mouth
We'll fall into dark
Ship dies three times
'Till the end
Track Name: Naked Lunch
Cancer will drain pain away ...
Your whisperings are killing me
I can't lay down here
I'm naked, putrified, corrupted flesh

I can't see ... I can't hear ...
Nothing is real for me or clear to be
Don't know how to survive
The hell's fagocytizing me

I can't remember why the skies are gray